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  • Our Services

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    All Natural Upholstery and Soft Furnishings

    Joona Fabriculture provides all natural upholstery stuffings to our residential clientele. These include natural latex cushioning, domestic eco-wool and organic cotton for contemporary upholstery techniques and stitched and shaped horsehair for traditional upholstery. While these materials cost more up front than polyurethane foam, they last far longer and are considerably better for human health and our environment. 100% organic cushioning materials are also available.


    We carry several lines of organic and eco-friendly textiles:

    • Two Sisters Eco-fabrics in cotton, wool and linen
    • Camira Fabrics: wool, hemp and nettle
    • Cloth Studio: delicious Belgian linens with a contemporary vibe.
    • Ultraleather 

    Our mini-showroom features exclusive home textiles and leathers from a wide range of designer fabric houses such as Schumacher, Kravet, Manuel Canovas, and more....

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    Curtains and Shades

    Though often overlooked in today’s trendy minimalist magazines, curtains play a key role in creating a warm, inviting, and comfortable space. In addition to blocking light, insulating windows, and addressing privacy concerns, curtains can sculpt the light in a space, softening bright light, or focusing the sun to emphasize architectural details. They are vital to subduing sonic reverberation in a space full of hard surfaces, and create movable partitions in open-plan living or working spaces.


    Joona Fabriculture combines the best traditional sewing techniques with cutting edge textiles, hardware and technological innovations to create curtains and soft shades that are fully functional works of art.


    We offer hard treatments by Coulisse, Phifer Sheerweave solar shades and motorization by Somfy and Goelst. Our drapery hardware lines include Kravet, Helser Bros, and Iron Art by Orion. Local blacksmiths assist us in producing special custom hardware.

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    Bespoke Furnishings and Fabric Design

    Our founder and lead creative, Jeanne, designs custom furniture and one-of-a kind textiles for individuals who place a premium on exclusivity or have looked high and low, but cannot find the perfect solution to their design quandaries.


    This is a very personal and time-intensive service which involves several in-person meetings with you. It may include research and development, prototyping, and multiple iterations to find the perfect look, fit, feel, and effect before the fabrication of your final product.

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    Our Process

    Initial consultation

    We start the design process with a meeting at your residence or commercial space. During that time, we identify your dreams for the space, determine the scope of your project and timeline for completion, and discuss the range of financial investment that is comfortable for you, before we suggest options that are well matched to your unique style and the requirements of your space and budget.


    Design and pre-fabrication process

    Once a general direction has been determined, we move into formalizing all design details and planning production of your project. At a minimum, this phase includes taking detailed measurements, finding the perfect textiles and hardware, and then presenting a detailed proposal for your approval before we develop an outline for fabrication and order all components. Depending on the level of visualization that you require, we may also create hand-drawn or computer-generated renderings and fabricate one or more samples during this time.



    Joona Fabriculture creates nearly all of our curtains, soft furnishings and upholstery by hand in our Alameda studio. Our artistry and mindful attention to every stitch and detail combine with a seamless transition from design to fabrication to ensure a stellar product that is perfectly matched to your space in every way. We partner with select businesses to manufacture hard window treatments and the wood or metal aspects of our creations.



    We work with the best installers in the San Francisco Bay area to make sure that your curtains, soft shades or hard treatments - whether motorized or manually operated - are hung perfectly. We know that it takes time and dedication to master any craft and we consult closely with our experts to make sure that your project will be installed to the highest standards.

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    Upholstery Repair and Curtain Alterations

    We offer upholstery repair services performed in our studio or at your location, depending on the scope of the project:

    • Re-webbing and reattaching springs
    • Mending broken seams
    • Correcting pet damage
    • Shortening curtains
    • Fixing manufacturer defects

    Repairs are billed at time+materials, starting at $150 an hour for work that you bring to our studio.

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    Interested in working with us to create custom furnishings? Please send a note and we will respond within 48 hours.